MARSHALL, Ill (WTWO-WAWV) — A local park in Illinois is receiving a donation to build a kayak launch.

Wednesday morning, Enerstar presented a $10,000 check to the Lincoln Trail State Park.

It’s to build a kayak launch along the shoreline at Lincoln Trail Lake, inside of the park.

The company also donated $10,000 to the Walnut Point State Park in Oakland, Illinois.

Thomas Hintz is the site superintendent at both parks. He says the new addition will be useful to park guests.

“Sometimes, it’s very difficult to get into a kayak,” explains Hintz. “These kayak launches can assist our guests to easily get into the kayaks and really enjoy the lakes and, both Walnut Point and Lincoln Trail are excellent places to kayak. They’re quieter lakes, there are no big motors, there’s no water skiers or anything like that and there are just birds and plants and all kinds of nature to see.”

Park officials hope to have the new kayak launch built at Lincoln Trail State Park sometime this summer. The remaining funds will go toward the park’s next big project, which is installing a new basketball court.