GREENE COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — It’s not every year that a Wabash Valley native makes it to college basketball’s biggest weekend, but it’s happening this year.

Dusty May, a graduate of Eastern Greene, will coach Florida Atlantic University in the final four.

Eastern Greene Schools said that birds of a feather flock together.

“We’re happy to see an example where hard work and determination has paid off for the little school,” said Scott Carmichael, President of the Eastern Greene Schools Board of Education.

Ms. Allison Clary, a teacher at Eastern Greene Middle School has rallied behind the team and transformed the school from the black and red Thunderbirds to the red and blue Owls.

The schools are decorated, and students have been participating in school spirit days, dress up days with them centered around Dusty May and his FAU Owls as well as his high school alma mater.

Clary says the students have been excited to support a team with a link to their school and to a coach who walked the same halls and used the very same lockers. Clary joked about how old those lockers must be today.

“We’re excited. We can’t wait to watch him win on Saturday and stay up late on Monday to watch that championship game,” Clary said, “We just wish him all the luck in the world and hope he knows that we are cheering for him from Greene County. Eastern Greene Schools is backing them all the way,” she added.

School leaders have organized a community viewing party for Saturday’s Final Four Game. The watch party will talk place at Eastern Greene Middle School, in gymnasium where Dusty May played basketball himself. The current Eastern Greene Middle School was the high school when May was a student.

“He grew up in and played in a small school. And he’s coaching in a small school and it’s a wonderful example for people to see, that that really doesn’t hold you back,” Carmichael said.

Carmichael is helping put on the watch party. With a job at a TV station, he was the perfect candidate to work on streaming the game.

“Everyone who is a believer of Indiana basketball is welcome. We’ve got a few hundred seats open,” he added.

Carmichael has also served as the media contact as he said this ‘Cinderella story’ has brought many outlets to the area.

“He played in, it’s the nostalgic gym, we have on campus,” Carmichael said. “It looks pretty much the exact same as it did when he played there and when I was there at school as well. So, you’ll get that very nostalgic Indiana basketball feel when you join us,” he added.

“All of us here are just so proud of you, Dusty. So proud of Anna and the kids and the family. And we’re excited,” Clary said.

To attend the watch party, contact any Eastern Greene School office and let them know you’ll be in attendance.