Crawford County Eyesores

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All over Crawford County there are old, rundown, unoccupied buildings.
Sheriff Bill Rutan says “The building is not in good enough condition for just anybody to live in it, it would take a lot to renovate it and it’s cheaper to let it go than it is to try to fix it up and sell it.”
And when those buildings are left to rot away, it’s not only an eyesore. They become breeding grounds for unwanted animals, and a serious injury hazard to curious kids.
Bill Rutan says “They don’t understand the issues with the dangers that are involved. The reason these buildings aren’t being used is because they are in poor shape and could cause injury to someone.”
In the small town of Porterville, there use to stand a general store. Now it’s a pile of rubble. The front of the building was falling forward. That’s when Sheriff Rutan called the owners of the property and got permission to do something about the issue.
Bill Rutan says “The county highway department went up with their excavator and pushed the north part of the building in so that it would not fall out and cause an issue to the neighborhood people.”
But it’s been 2 weeks since the building was torn down, and the pieces are still sit there.
Bill Rutan says “We were able to push it in, but we’re not going to take on the expense of having it hauled off because that’s the largest part of the expense is getting it taken to a land fill.”
In most counties in the valley this wouldn’t be an issue. Sheriff Rutan would just have written a citation to give the property owners a little nudge to get things cleaned up, but that’s where things get tricky, in Crawford County there is no ordinance in place that allows him to do that.
Bill Rutan says “An ordinance has to be created to make this illegal so law enforcement can go in and force somebody to clean it up”

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