BRAZIL, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Court documents filed in Clay County Superior Court reveal some of the details surrounding the shooting death of William Matherly in Brazil and what led police to charge Jon Luke Benjamin McGuff with murder.

According to the documents, police were called to 310 N. Leavitt Street at 3:56 p.m. on May 11 in response to a 911 call reporting shots fired and a person down.

Investigating police found Matherly dead, with two 9mm shell casings near his feet and an unspent 10mm shell casing as well as an open pocket knife nearby.

Just before the shooting on May 11, a witness to the shooting told police they had been speaking with Billy Matherly, when a white F-150 came speeding into the driveway.

The witness said McGuff and a woman, who “used to date Billy”, was in the truck. McGuff reportedly exited the truck and began to argue with Matherly before pulling out a gun and shooting him four times.

McGuff and the woman left, according to the witness.

Witnesses of the shooting described McGuff’s truck as having a camper shell and decals. Police reportedly located a similar truck at a Sycamore Street residence in Terre Haute, but noted the truck did not have a camper shell and some of the reported decals were missing.

Later that same day a Vigo County Jail inmate who had been recently booked into the jail told police they had seen a Facebook post regarding McGuff being wanted in relation to the shooting and told police they had seen McGuff at the same Sycamore Street residence.

When police returned to the Sycamore Street residence, the truck was gone. A woman at the residence told police that McGuff and the woman with him had been there earlier, but she didn’t know where they went.

On May 12, at 10:30 a.m. McGuff turned himself in at Rowdy Williams Law Office and police took him into custody.

In an interview with police, McGuff’s stepfather told them McGuff and the woman had slept in a wooded area the night of the shooting before sending the stepfather a ping of their location near County Road 300 South and County Road 200 East in Clay County.

The stepfather then told police of the truck’s location at a Pilot gas station. When the truck was located, police noted the camper shell had been removed, a taillight had been broken, and decals had been scraped off.

An autopsy showed Matherly had been shot in the chest four times with three exit wounds. Police noted one bullet was recovered from Matherly’s lower back.

Court documents indicate McGuff is being held with no option to bond out as he awaits an initial hearing to be held on or before May 16 at 2:20 p.m. where the state will be able to file formal charges.

McGuff has been preliminarily charged with murder.