RILEY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A Riley man was arrested after law enforcement was contacted by a mother with allegations of multiple instances of inappropriate touching and sexual abuse toward two girls under the age of 10.

According to court documents, the two children took part in follow-up forensic interviews with workers at Suzies Place Child Advocacy Center on April 15, where they claimed the 59-year-old Riley man had touched them inappropriately. The girls told social workers that the man would show them pornography at the same time. One girl claimed the man would threaten to punch her in the face if she didn’t keep his actions secret.

“[Girl 1] stated that he thinks he has a crush on her and he thinks that she has a crush on him.”

Probable Cause Affidavit filed in Vigo County Court

William Jarvis was placed under arrest following the interviews. A search of his home found multiple items mentioned by the girls in their reports. Jarvis was booked into the Vigo County Jail on April 15 and is being held on a $50,000 bond with no 10%, or professional bondsman allowed.

In addition to the items related to the girls’ claims that were found in Jarvis’ residence on E Mulberry Drive, police also reportedly seized marijuana. While police described Jarvis as cooperative during the search, upon arrest Jarvis began to complain of chest pains. He was taken to a hospital to be cleared before being taken to the Vigo County Jail.

According to the affidavit, Jarvis faces the preliminary charges of level 1 felony child molestation, level 4 felony child molestation, level 6 felony intimidation, and possession of marijuana.

A probable cause hearing was held Monday morning in which Vigo County Judge Sarah Mullican found that there was probable cause for the arrest of Jarvis, and granted the state 72 hours to file formal charges. Jarvis is scheduled for an initial hearing Thursday, April 20 at 10 a.m.