TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A Terre Haute man who faces a felony charge of criminal confinement with a deadly weapon resulting in serious bodily injury appeared in Vigo County court Friday.

Robert “Bobby” L. Carter, 31, of Ohio Street, appeared before Judge Matthew Sheehan in Vigo County Superior Court V on Friday for an initial hearing. Vigo County Jail records show that Carter was arrested on Thursday while the case against him had been filed in June. During his initial hearing, Judge Sheehan set Carter’s bond at $75,000 with no 10% allowed.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in the case, Carter is accused of attacking and confining a man over reported drug money. The victim told police that they had been at an apartment in the 400 block of 1st Avenue on the evening of May 30 when Scott Bailey, who also faces a similar felony charge of criminal confinement related to this incident, reportedly struck him with a police baton claiming the victim “had his money.” The victim also told police Carter had been brandishing a knife at the same time, while a third attacker had a hammer.

The victim then was reportedly taken to an SUV with Carter, Bailey, the third attacker, who remains unnamed as charges don’t seem to have been filed against him, and Carter’s girlfriend.

“[Victim] advised they told him he was leaving with them in their vehicle,” the PCA reads. “[Victim] advised he got in the middle of the back seat of a silver 4-door SUV. [Victim] advised [Carter] was on his left side with the knife, and [third man] was on his right with the hammer. [Victim] stated [Bailey] was in the driver’s seat and had brandished a small black/brown handgun.”

As they began driving, Carter’s girlfriend, who was in the passenger seat, reportedly tied the victim’s hands using a tow strap. As the vehicle headed north, the victim told police that Bailey made the comment that he was going to kill him

Bailey reportedly got out of the vehicle near Fox’s Market while the others continued on to the McDonald’s on Lafayette Ave. where they ordered breakfast. Surveillance video reportedly captured the vehicle at the restaurant at that time.

After getting food, the victim told police he asked to stop and urinate, causing the SUV to pull into the Spring Clean Carwash. While out of the vehicle, the victim tried to run away causing a brief fight that was caught on the carwash security cameras.

Carter and the other two then reportedly got back into the SUV while still holding the tow strap that was tied to the victim’s hands. When the SUV accelerated, it reportedly dragged the victim behind it for a short time before the tow strap came free, and the victim was able to get away while the SUV drove off.

The security video showed the inside of the bay the SUV pulled into. The video shows a white male, that [victim] noted was [third man], exiting the back right passenger side door, followed by [victim]. [victim]’s hands appeared to be tied up with a tow strap that [third man] was holding onto. At one point [victim] attempts to pull away and a fight breaks out. During the altercation, a white female and another white male, that [victim] noted was [Carter’s girlfriend] and [Carter], exit the SUV and approach [victim] who stepped off camera. The three individuals enter the SUV and [victim] approaches them. It appears that the tow strap gets stuck in the front passenger door when it closes. The SUV, driven by [Carter’s girlfriend], then accelerates out of the bay dragging [victim].

Probable Cause Affidavit filed in Vigo County Court

The victim then reportedly ran to the Kroger on Lafayette and asked for employees to call 911.

Investigating officers would reportedly find tire tracks where the SUV had gone through a grassy area at Spring Clean Carwash, along with a tow strap near the tracks.

According to an interview with a woman who lives at the apartment where the incident began, the initial argument was due to an agreed-upon trade of a power washer for methamphetamine. The woman also identified Bailey, as well as Carter from their BMV photos.

During Carter’s hearing Friday, future hearing dates were set. Carter is next due in court for a hearing on Oct. 26, with a pretrial scheduled for Dec. 21. Court records show that Scott Bailey had an appearance filed in June, but no future dates are listed.