SULLIVAN COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The Sullivan County Public Library Board held a meeting to discuss a recent feasibility study conducted on its libraries.

The libraries mentioned in the study include Sullivan, Carlilse, Dugger, Merom, Shelburn and Farmersburg.

This meeting drew a very large crown to the Sullivan Civic Center. Most of the feasibility study suggested major or minor improvements to its libraries. However, only one library received a recommendation of potential closure. That library would be the Shelburn library.

That packed house was made up almost entirely Shelburn residents concerned about the future of the what some say is the heartbeat of the town.

Town Marshal Matthew Price was one of many who voiced concerns and said that this library is vital to the town.

“Residents are of a lower economic standing so they depend on that library for resources, the internet, and for learning,” Price said.

A theme spoken by many residents is the importance of having a library for the youth of Shelburn. A safe haven for learning and gathering just down the street is something residents urged board members to take into account.

Many spoke highly of the librarian, Nonnie, who many said was like a mother or grandmother like figure to the Shelburn community.

Shelburn resident Diana Cannito said that the library has played a huge role in the lives of her children.

“I wanted them to have a sense of books and adventure from the get go and to know that through books they can learn and imagine,” Cannito explained.

There is consideration to expand the library in Sullivan. Many in the crowd took note of this. Cannito said that it is unfair to suggest expanding one library while closing theirs. Price echoed a similar thought. He said that expansion should not happen at the expense of a smaller library.

“Hymera, Merom, Carlisle, Dugger, all of those communities,” Price explained. “Those communities should fully be treated and have just as much priority as Sullivan or any other community.”

Sullivan County Public Library Director Jordan Orwig confirmed that no decision has been made on the fate of Shelburn’s library. He went on to say that no decision will be made at the next meeting as well.

“Nothing has been decided yet,” Orwig said. “We’re taking information that we’ve gathered from the town.”

Orwig stressed that they’re going to take all public comment into account.

However, some residents feel the information gathered won’t be taken into account.

“I think it fell on deaf ears,” Cannito said.