SULLIVAN COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Construction continues on the new Sullivan County Jail slated for completion in April of 2024.

Sheriff Jason Bobbitt said construction is running on time.

“There was going to be a setback on the air handlers, but that’s all been resolved,” Bobbitt said. “So, the air handlers are going to be in on time.”

Bobbitt confirms that the roof is on, and they hope to start setting the steel cells on Thursday.

During monthly meetings, administration and commissioners tour the building and get updated on the progress of construction. Bobbitt says dispatch will also move to the new facility.

“It’s going to be similar to what they’re in now,” Bobbitt said. “There will be four stations for emergencies. Right now, we currently have three,” he added.

Bobbitt wants to bring inmates the opportunity for an outreach program. A classroom at the new jail will give him the space to make it happen.

“I’ve not signed anything yet, but we’re in the process of getting, it’s called Q-360, which is a rehabilitation, recovery program into the building,” Bobbitt said.

The Sheriff says moving will be a big undertaking.

“Administration will be moved in well before we start moving the population up there,” Bobbitt said. “Because we’ve got to make sure every door works, every door secures,” he added.

When asked if there is any word on what might happen with the old Sullivan County jail, Bobbitt said, “There’s been talk, I don’t want to call it rumors but there’s been talk. It’s still the county’s building. It’s fairly structurally sound, it’s just old. Antiquated, but it could be used as a housing unit for someone. I don’t know if it could add more jobs. I don’t know what the commissioner’s plans are with it at this time but they’re surely not going to bulldoze it in. It’s got a new roof, a new chiller, we’ve kept the building up.”