CLINTON, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The Clinton Public Library gave residents, a chance to go back in time on Thursday.

The second annual cemetery walk looks at the rich and interesting history of the people who are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Clinton. This is a very unique learning experience for all ages.

It allows people to be able to hear these stories while also having visual representations. With a city that has as much history as Clinton, the people were engaged from start to finish.

Ashley Wolfe is a department head for the Clinton Public Library, and she explains the importance of an event like this.

“It’s keeping it alive. Making those memories and just sharing the importance. There are a lot of important individuals that we have found that are buried here and we just want to share their stories and inform the community about it,” said Wolfe.

This event would not have been possible without the time and research of all of the volunteers on hand. They were the ones that were able to find the stories that highlighted these people’s lives.

Bill Hartman was one of these people, and he expresses how thrilled they were with the turnout and how important the library is to this community.

“Everyone was just tickled to death to see the outturn of the citizens in our community. I wish to express how valuable our public libraries are and the services they provide to our community,” said Hartman.

The walk’s main goal will always be to keep the history of Clinton alive.

“Sharing that history of where Clinton, Indiana came from is a wonderful experience to share with our community and keep it alive,” added Wolfe.

For those that weren’t able to attend Thursday, there are records of the research done for this event at the Clinton Public Library.