TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — The Terre Haute Humane Society is holding a Clear the Shelters event to find these animals the home they deserve.

The shelter is currently way overcrowded as they have over 200 dogs and over 100 cats. Their normal dog housing is around 78.

This means they are having to shelter these dogs in places they would usually not want to. These spaces include typically unused outdoor cages, spare rooms, and even employee offices. Their goal is to get it to where they have the capacity amount or a much more manageable overpopulated number.

Maggie Wheeler is the volunteer coordinator here and she goes more in detail on what this event is all about.

“We have some reduced adoption fees on adult dogs and cats. That will be $20 for today and tomorrow. We’re really encouraging people to explore adoption to give the pets that we have here a second chance at a loving home.”

Saturn Pet Care was one of the primary sponsors of this year’s event. They have provided over 50 pallets of pet food for local shelters over the last year. At this event they were giving out free pet food to anyone that decided to adopt a dog or cat of any kind.

Ashley Natalie is the office manager at Saturn, and she explains what they are trying to provide to Vigo County.

“We make pet food. It is very important, the nutritional value of the food that we offer and anything that we provide to the shelters. We are very fortunate to be able to donate food to all of the shelters. We really want to be a partner for the community.”

At the end of the day, the Humane Society wants these animals to find a loving home. The sight of seeing the happiness these adoptions bring to families is what this event is truly about.

“The payoff is those happy endings. That keeps us going. It keeps us going financially as well when we get animals adopted, but the emotional payoff is just the best.”

The Humane Society scheduled to break ground on their new vet clinic sometime in mid-September.