CLAY COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– Clay County Sheriff Paul Harden said the closure of State Road 59 for part of Monday night was caused by an incident involving shots being fired at a delivery driver.

Harden said the driver was working for a independent contractor through Fedex making deliveries a little after 10 p.m. He said the delivery driver claimed to have been approached and then chased by the man.

“He tried to drive away, the local person pursued him, he was armed at the time and the Fedex driver saw the firearm, and as they were driving away shots were fired,” Harden said.

The van was struck at least three times by a shotgun. Eventually, police were able to stop the pursuit and verify the driver was making deliveries.

“The person thought thefts were going on,” he said. “We have to remember, and we confirmed that he was an independent contractor for Fedex, we spoke to Fedex, we saw his paperwork showing he was making deliveries at that time.”

Harden urged people to contact local authorities if they saw any suspicious activity.

“The local people went and tried to take the law into their own hands in some respect. We really suggest you contact law enforcement,” he said. “If there’s suspicious vehicles in the area, contact us, let us know. Get pictures if you can, and we will try to rundown all the information that we can.”

He also said it’s not uncommon for delivery services to use contractors during the Holiday season, a busy time for online shopping.

“Everyone likes to do their shopping online and have it delivered,” he said. “Companies are being overloaded with things to be delivered and some of the companies are delivering late at night with independent contractors.”

The man who fired at the driver was arrested, and released on bail. Harden said a report was filed with the Clay County Presecutor’s Office, who will determine if charges will be pressed going forward.