TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – City Council meetings of this type don’t happen very often.

They happen once a year to go over if select companies are complying with the tax abatements they received. Curtis Debaun is the President of the Terre Haute City Council land he explains in more detail what this meeting consists of.

“Every year we review our abatements to make sure the companies who have received them are following through with what they told us they would do. Those that do not are called in for a special meeting to explain the situation.”

The companies that had representatives present were Gavina and KJB Holdings. Both had representatives at the meeting and Debaun said that were some issues with their abatements, but it proved not to be a problem.

“Both of the companies that had not been in compliance with their abatements were able to explain why they were not, and they both had valid reasons. Ultimately, we approve to continue on with their abatements.”

The company that did not have a representative present was Tri-Aerospace because they went out of business.

There was a normally scheduled meeting also held on Thursday that went over a few recent zoning issues.