TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A gift that traveled over 1,000 miles to Terre Haute made Christmas memorable for a local mom and her son with special needs.

Santa and a reindeer made a trip from the South Pole to deliver a special bicycle.

“Last year was rough on us. He had the hip replacement surgery. He was in a cast from his chest to his ankles. He couldn’t move around and it was impossible to really do much,” Colton’s mom, Kelly Frost, said.

When Frost was pregnant with Colten, she was in a car accident that left her son unable to walk or talk.

“I’m going to fight for more for him. He deserves everything in my power that I can give him,” she said.

Frost searched for area companies that make special needs bikes. Colten’s feet can be strapped in to give his legs some movement when the bike is pushed, it keeps his blood circulating.

“He’s had a major surgery every year, trying to stay on top of his medical things has been a fight, let alone find something that could present fun and some kind of boyhood for him to actually enjoy,” she said.

Frost didn’t have much luck locally.

“I kind of got passed around like a hot potato, but I didn’t give up,” she said.

Until she called a Bikes for Tykes in Naples, Florida. Founder and president of the organization, Skip Riffle, answered.

“I said, well, uh, you know, you’re in luck. I just happened to have one of these, uh, special needs bikes here,” Riffle said.

Next was determining how to get the bike to Indiana. They realized the cost to ship the bike would be close to $1,600 and someone would have to assemble it.

Skip made a call to his local VFW in Naples and they were able to secure a ride for the bike.

“When they told me it was coming to Terre Haute, Indiana. It’s like, whoa, I was born and raised here. I’ll take it, you know, get it here for him. So, uh, it was a trip alright,” Steve Terstegge, who delivered the bike, said.

Meeting Colten and Frost made the 17 hour drive worth it.

“It was just heartwarming. It was kind of like you know. Like how often is that going to happen? That they named the actual city where you were from originally 3 million cities in the US just happened to come here,” Terstegge said.

Was it Christmas magic?

“Here is a mother of 1,200 miles away that somehow finds my phone number, gives me a call. I happen to have what she needs. And then I happened to stumble into somebody who was willing to take it to her. Um, if that isn’t Christmas magic, I’m sorry. I don’t know what is,” Riffle said.

Frost is a teacher’s aid at Dixie Bee Elementary. She said she has a passion for working with children with special needs. She’s also involved with the Terre Haute music scene, performing with the Zorah Shriners and Musicians Hall of Fame.

Frost works with her son through music therapy among many other forms of therapy.