INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A bill still under debate at the Indiana Statehouse could bring economic development to Vigo County and the surrounding area.

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce shared in a recent legislative update that its leaders are following a Senate bill regarding a carbon sequestration pilot project in West Terre Haute.

The project could lead to no more than two carbon dioxide pipelines where CO2 could be stored underground.

According to the Chamber, the project is being moved forward by Wabash Valley Resources, a West Terre Haute company that produces hydrogen energy.

The bill highlights the fact that this project would only operate in Vigo and Vermillion counties.

The legislation passed both the Senate and the House and was recently sent back to the Senate, its house of origin, with amendments for consideration.

Senator Jon Ford and Sen. Mark Messmer co-authored the bill and three local representatives co-sponsored it in the House: Rep. Tonya Pfaff, Rep. Alan Morrison and Rep. Bob Heaton.


Another Senate bill aims to make more young people aware of how to be smart with their money.

The legislation would require students to complete a personal financial responsibility course before they graduate.

The first group this would apply to would be students expected to graduate from a public or charter school in 2027.

There would be requirements for content included in the course, and would give some leeway to schools as to how the course would count for credits.

The legislation passed the Senate as well as its assigned House committee and is headed to the House floor.


In other financial-related legislation, Indiana lawmakers are still debating the state budget.

The bill regarding the budget passed the House in late February and now the Senate is debating where funding should be allocated.

The Terre Haute Chamber shared that its leaders are following changes to proposed READI grant funding. Currently, the program has been fully funded at $500 million.

Other big funding topics include public education and mental health.

Continue to follow for legislative updates as the session wraps up over the next month.

For a full list of legislation proposed in Indianapolis, visit the Indiana General Assembly’s website.