TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WAWV/WTWO) – April 27th the Vigo County Capital Improvement Board met this morning to discuss the Terre Haute Convention Centers progress since the grand opening.

During the meeting, the board addressed updates for the new Larry Bird Museum.

Capital Improvement Board Museum Committee Chair Terri Conley said now that the Convention Center is completed, it will allow to board to really focus in on the museum.

“This will allow us to really dedicate time toward the museum,” Conley said.

The board has obtained most of Larry Bird’s memorabilia that was formally in the French Slick located on 33 Brick Street.

“We are currently cataloging the items and checking to see if there’s any restorations that needs to be done,” Conley said.

CIB’s Museum Representative Mark Mederski said an approval is pending for CIB to request trademarked materials.

“That’s very key to create the media experience in the museum,” Mederski said.

The improvement board signed a contract with Hilferty Design earlier this month, to put a preliminary design and budget for the Larry Bird Museum.

“The entire budget for the Larry Bird Museum was $1.5 million,” Conley said. “$500,000 of that will be used for build out.”

Conley said the largest expense will be the photos and videos of Larry Bird’s time in the NBA.

“It’s nothing outside of what we planned for, we have just under $1 million left to work with for the design,” Conley said.

The meeting also addressed discussions surrounding possible reduction of the exhibition space to accommodate needed storage at the Convention Center.

“We plan to add a closet to the Larry Bird Museum to help facilitate some tables, chairs, and some other things,” Vigo County Commissioner Chris Switzer said.

“Moving the storage and the electrical will make the space functional and efficient,” Conley said.

Vigo County Commissioner Chris Switzer said although the museum had a slow start, the ball is finally rolling.

“We’re progressively making moves every month,” Switzer said. “Everything is coming along a lot quicker than it was in the past.”

The next board meeting will be May 25th. The Vigo County Capital Improvement Board said the museum is expected to open to the public in 9 to 12 months.