BICKNELL, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Access to broadband service is set to expand in the City of Bicknell.

RTC Communications is in the middle of a $4 million broadband project in the city. The group will expand its fiber optic network to Bicknell. CEO Kirk Lehman said that Bicknell was a perfect spot for expansion.

“It sits about four miles off of our current network right now so it’s a good build for Bicknell, it’s a good build for RTC,” Lehman said.

There’s been plenty of work done in the buildup to this official announcement on Wednesday. Lehman said that a previous feasibility study was done to find out if there was a demand in the area for more broadband. He said that a year was spent developing the network, designing the network and making sure the funding was in place.

The $4 million dollar price tag is all private money meaning taxpayers didn’t have to spend a dime for the project.

“This is a self-funded project from RTC,” Lehman explained.

City of Bicknell Mayor Thomas Estabrook said that this is a perfect opportunity to provide services for those in the town who may not have it.

“It opens up options for those who want to use services who may not be close by,” Estabrook explained. “It brings us a little closer to services we may not normally have access to.”

Estabrook suggested that this could help attract new residents and new business to Bicknell.

“This is just another step moving forward in how we hope to grow the community to show that we have the services to support not only residential growth but business growth.

Lehman said that beyond providing this service, he hopes to build a strong bond with the Bicknell community.

“We’re excited to be working with the City of Bicknell and all the friends we’re going to make over the years of serving this area,” Lehman said.

RTC is on target to have services ready in Bicknell in the spring.