BRIDGETON, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — The Civil War was reenacted on Saturday and Sunday in Bridgeton for residents to come learn about these times firsthand.

This marked the 2nd year since they brought back the reenactment after a 20-year-hiatus. This event included many things for all ages to enjoy.

Celia Case was the organizer of this event, and she says she enjoys giving people a close-up look at a very important time in history.

“Troops will be drilling and you can ask the soldiers questions and you can learn about this very pivotal time in our history.”

There was also a live battle, war camp replicas, a civil style church service, and many vendors that were selling artifacts form this time period.

These events would not be possible without the hours and hours of hard work and time commitment from the participants. One of these participants is Jacob Eckerley.

Eckerley is a Civil War reenactment chaplain, and he explains why his services to these events are helping this industry grow.

“Helping out with the other chaplains, it feels like I am making a difference in Civil War reenacting.”

These actors come from all walks of life. Some of them are older, while some of them a very young. Nevertheless, they all share the same feelings as Case, which is that they love history.

“I love history. It is my passion. I love doing the costuming and planning the clothing. Planning the events while studying and researching about history. It is my passion.”

Reminder that Bridgeton Mill will host their coveted Parke County Covered Bridge Festival from October 14th through the 23rd.