BRIDGETON, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– After 30 years, the town of Bridgeton hosted a Civil War reenactment over the weekend, educating people on the history of one of the biggest conflicts in U.S. history.

Celia Case worked with the 49th Indiana Volunteer Infantry for the event. She said she believes it’s important to engage people on American history.

“Learning about history is very important because we learn from history, both good and bad. We learn about the progressions of events, why things took place when they did, and how they did, and it helps us to understand how things are today,” Case said.

The weekend included live drills and demonstrations, including a “skirmish” between the Union and Confederate armies.

Shari Marlow attended the event on both Saturday and Sunday. She said her favorite part was the authenticity.

“I love their outfits. They’re realistic to the Civil War” she said. “I admire them, I love their camps. And we’re so blessed that Bridgeton put an event on this year.”

Marlow said it was special to have a Civil War reenactment in the area.

“We just are so thankful and blessed because a lot of reenactments are in Pennsylvania or Gettysburg, North of Indiana and we have one right here in Bridgeton, Indiana,” she said.

Case said she had been working on preparation for the event for over a year. She said the turnout was satisfying.

“I was excited with all the crowds we got [Saturday,] hoping we get more people [on Sunday.] It’s fun because families come and kids and they’re interested in learning about the history, and it’s a great opportunity to learn about the history and have fun,” she said.

Case said they hope to host a similar event next year, and hopes it also brings more people into the town.

“We also like to promote our local tourism. So hopefully people come and visit Bridgeton, enjoy the event, and come and enjoy the town,” she said.