MARSHALL, Ill. (WTWO/WAWV) — Convicted murderer Fred Grabbe is scheduled for mandatory supervised release from an Illinois prison on July 15.

The Illinois Department of Corrections confirmed the parole date with

According to court documents obtained from the Clark County Circuit Court, Fred Grabbe was sentenced on September 11, 1985, for the murder of Charlotte Grabbe. Fred Grabbe was originally charged with murder on November 8, 1984.

Court documents state that on July 24, 1981, Fred Grabbe choked Charlotte Grabbe around the neck with the intent to kill her. Evidence shared in the sentencing order included the process Fred Grabbe went through to burn Charlotte Grabbe’s body and throw pieces of her skull into the Wabash River.

The sentencing order also includes information that on July 11, 1985, less than two weeks after Fred Grabbe was found guilty of the murder, there was “an attempt by armed force” to free him from the Clark County Jail. The evidence suggested this attempt was made by a former girlfriend of Grabbe along with several others, and that a jailer was shot and injured during the attempt.

The order goes on to share the court’s opinion that Fred Grabbe should be sentenced to life in prison due to the lack of remorse and Grabbe’s not guilty plea.

Grabbe’s sentence was later changed from life in prison to 75 years. He currently is in custody at the Dixon Correctional Center in Dixon, Illinois.