TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Officers with the Terre Haute Police Department were recognized Friday for outstanding service at the combined 29th-30th Officers Recognition and Commendation Dinner.

Mayor Duke Bennett presented Officer Justin Gant the Medal of Honor Award. Chief Shawn Keen presented Officer of the Year honors to Detective Brian Bourbeau for 2019 and Officer Justin Gant for 2020.

The Mike Dinkel Memorial Award was presented to Zeliha Caputo, owner/operator of Zeliha’s Barber Shop.

WTWO/WAWV’s Dana Winklepleck made the award presentations along with Susan Dinkel. The invocation was given by THPD Sgt. Todd Haller.

THPD Commendation Awards

Lt. Marc Phillips, Sgt. Adam Loudermilk and Ofc. Daniel Johnson were presented with the Combat Cross during the combined 29th-30th Officers Recognition and Commendation Dinner held Friday. (Photos Courtesy Terre Haute Police Department)
  • Medal of Honor Award: Officer Justin Gant
  • 2019 Officer of the Year: Detective Brian Bourbeau
  • 2020 Officer of the Year: Officer Justin Gant
  • Mike Dinkel Memorial Award: Zeliha Caputo, Owner/Operator of Zeliha’s Barber Shop
  • Exceptional Service Award:
    • 20 Years: Capts. Jason Brentlinger, Aaron Loudermilk and Gary Shook; Lts. Jason Czupryn, Scott Funkhouser and Kayle Pickens; Sgts. Troy Davis, Michael Ellerman, Theodore Lemke, Joseph “J.T.” Pearce and Jeremy Sparks; Det. Kenneth Murphy; Ofc. Jonathan Sweatt
    • 25 Years: Assistant Chief of Detectives Matthew Carden; Sgts. Christian Gallagher and Greg Mosbarger; Dets. Rick Decker and David Thompson, Ofc. Vincent Billberry
    • 30 Years: Dets. Kurt Brinegar, Greg Ferency and Brent Stoelting
  • 2020 Civilian Service Award: Jerry Calandrilla, Tucker Carson, Mike Franklin and Pat McBroom
  • Certificate of Commendation: Lt. Kayle Pickens; Sgts. Les Hamm, Brent Heaton and James Ribolla; Ofcs. Anthony Damanis, Cameron Diekhoff, Kyle Lex, Jacob Low, Hansford Mann, Jeffrey Pupilli, Cody Tidd and Thomas Welch
  • Unit Citation: Sgts. Matt Rains and David Stamper; Dets. Julia Piety and Farron Stevens; Ofcs. Adam Neese and Cody Tidd
  • Grand Cordon: Sgts. Joseph “JT” Pearce and Justin Sears; Dets. Brian Bourbeau, Martin Dooley, Devon Huebner, Daniel Lafave, Matthew Murray, Brad Rumsey, Lance Sanders and Donald Toney; Ofcs. Vasco Billberry, Dustin Cawthon, Nicholas Ciolli, Travis Clements, Marcia Crapo, Jardale “JR” Gibbs, Alan James and Chris Jones
  • Honorable Service: Chief of Police Shawn Keen; Sgt. Troy Davis; Dets. Devon Huebner, Donald Toney and Daniel Walker; Ofc. Justin Coyle
  • Meritorious Service: Ofcs. Nicholas Ciolli, Eric Eldred, Justin Gant, Andrew Haley, Matthew Hall and Ivan Walker
  • Lifesaving Award: Ofcs. Jardale “JR” Gibbs, Joshua Goldner, Tell Howson, Adam Noel, Ryan Plasse and Lance Sanders
  • Gallantry Star: Sgts. Jesse Chambers and Les Hamm; Dets. Matthew Murray and Kyle Toney; Ofcs. Alan James, Anthony Mazzon, Adam Noel and Ivan Walker
  • Combat Cross: Lt. Marc Phillips; Sgt. Adam Loudermilk; Ofc. Daniel Johnson

Members of the Terre Haute Police Awards and Recognition Committee are Adam Loudermilk, president; Brad Rumsey, vice president; Jeff Pupilli, secretary; Brittany Coffman, interim secretary; Justin Gant, Jardale “JR” Gibbs, Joshua Loudermilk, Marc Phillips, James Ribolla and Gary Shook.