WEST TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Lazy L Lake Campground LLC recently bought and is currently working on renovating a space that will become Lazy L Lake Bait & Tackle.

According to a post by Lazy L Lake Bait & Tackle, the shop is set to open this spring. Residents will be able to buy or rent supplies for fishing and other outdoor aquatic activities like canoes, kayaks, and hydro bikes. The bait and tackle shop is located at 100 E. National Avenue, in West Terre Haute. 

“It’s really just a building we bought that I really started building to promote the lake. It’s right there by the Wabashiki, it’s the first building you see when you get in town, it’s in a good location. And then I thought, ‘well we gotta figure out how to pay for the building’ you know, so then I thought, ‘well let’s just open a base here that associates with the lake and the kayak rental with the kayak launch right there with the Wabashiki and the trail,’ it just all kind of blended in together really to promote the lake,” said owner Gary Lutz. 

The shop will help to complement the recreational activities offered at Lazy L Lake Campgorund LLC and at other nature parks in the area while offering those in the community who fish and enjoy outdoor recreation easier access to their hobbies. 

Co-owner, Angela O’Farrell, explained how the location of the shop is beneficial for residents.

“It just to helps to promote the lake and it kind of correlates a lot with the campground at the lake and all. We just thought it was in a good location for people to see. We feel really excited about it. I think it’s gonna go good with the community and the Wabashshiki. I think it’s a really good addition to the community,” O’Farrell said.