TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – ‘The Truckstop’ is a new concept that will arrive in the 12 Points area later this fall.

This will be a designated space for food truck vendors to pop-up or find a permanent home to sell their food to the community.

Terre Haute native Bo Turner is the mastermind behind the idea. She said that she thought of the idea while traveling out west and believed it was a no-brainer to bring this to Terre Haute.

“We got this concept about a year ago and just putting it into fruition is going to be really rewarding,” Turner said. “I hope that everything works out, we’re going to have a great time.”

Turner said that the first step will be to build up her space on 1319 Lafayette Ave. by adding more green area and creating a welcoming environment for food trucks. She suggested more chairs, lighting amongst other things that could create that exact environment. She mentioned the possibility of adding more sustainability practices in the area as well.

“Building up a community space, having really cool outside vibes and having people enjoy the great food in Terre Haute,” Turner said.

The following step for Turner is to gather a list of vendors who’d be willing to participate.

Heather Maria Cooper’s Mama Maria’s Food Trailer is one local food truck that you may see at The Truckstop. Cooper said that this could be a big opportunity for her business.

“If there’s masses of people, then there’s plenty to go around for everyone,” Cooper said. “I’m optimistic and I’m certainly going to give it a try.”

Mama Maria’s primarily focuses on Macaroni and Cheese dishes, but Cooper said she has the ability to make just about any dish. She said that she’s excited about this coming to the 12 Points area because it could add to the many other initiatives going on in the area.

“We enjoy the outdoor life with a moving, thriving community that is growing together and is excited about where they live,” Cooper explained.