TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)- Indiana humanities, invite Hoosiers to explore, what makes us good ancestors.

“Chew on this: Are we being good ancestors?” is the discussion topic from tonight’s dinner party, as part of Indiana Humanities` Unearthed theme

This event is a part of Indiana Humanities` multi-year thematic initiative “Unearthed”.
It encourages Hoosiers, to discover and discuss their relationships with the natural world,
It also encourages, the exploration of how we shape the environment, and how the environment shapes us.

Keira Amstutz President and CEO of Indiana Humanities said “Gathering together for a shared meal is a great way to break down barriers.” One of the topics discussed tonight was “what is owed to future generations.”

“When people can come together and sit down over a shared meal, share ideas. I think they are exposed to new perspectives, and it just provides you know the framework for people to really connect with one another, ” Communications Manager Jackie Rodriguez said.

The next event will be a campfire trek at Buckner Cave, on April 15 from noon until 4 pm in Bloomington.

To register or look for other events, just go to Indianahumanities.org.