TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — As the weather warms up, it brings an increase in feral cat and dog populations throughout Wabash Valley. One shelter said they’re seeing more animals brought in compared to recent years.

Spaying and neutering has been a traditional method to control pet populations. However, centers like the Terre Haute Humane Society say, that service in their facility is limited.

Currently, they’re sitting with a shelter nearing capacity and having to prioritize which animals to help.

“We are getting close to being at capacity. Last week we were at capacity in dogs. We have had some adoptions and return to owners, so that’s helped. But, in cats we’re close to being completely full again,” Sarah Valentine, General Manager of the Terre Haute Humane Society, said.

Valentine adds that their facility is being occupied with few kennels available and the few that are open, are for animals with the most needs.

“We can’t control how many kennels we have, we can’t just put them in random rooms. We can’t do that. When we do that, we risk getting them sick, ” Valentine said. “I ask people be patient because we can’t over fill ourselves. We want to help, we hate turning animals away, but it does happen,”

The Terre Haute Humane Society offers spaying and neutering at their facility, one day for their own animals, and another day for the general public’s pets. Valentine explained that they try to limit the appointments made due to their vet’s availability.

Valentine says the community can get involved by helping foster animals. Something local resident, Phil Deckert, says he’s been doing for years.

“They didn’t ask to be thrown into the streets. Someone had gotten them from a pet store or somewhere an abandoned them, or moved away and not taken them. They’re living creatures and don’t deserve that,” Deckert said.

Deckert said he’s helped spay and neuter over 50 animals and plans to continue to help animals in need.

To see when the next available appointments for spaying or neutering at the Terre Haute Humane Society will be, updates are posted on their Facebook page.