TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Construction along Springhill Drive between 7th St. and Erie Canal Road will be delayed according to Vigo County Engineer Larry Robbins.

Robbins said this project would add a third lane to Springhill Drive. They targeted this road specifically because rear-end collisions happen frequently in this area according to Robbins.

Robbins said that bidding prices were around $4.4 million which is about 20% higher than his original estimate.

“We only had two bidders and they were over 20% the engineers estimate,” Robbins said. “We had to go back to the drawing board and work out some things.”

Robbins explained that these high bids are due to high labor and material costs. He said market uncertainty is driving up costs.

“There are delays in getting materials in general so all of that uncertainty make bid prices go up,” Robbins said.

Robbins said that there is a possibility that he could seek out additional federal funding to help assist with the inflation.

“We’re working through some things right now to get some additional federal funds for the project,” Robbins explained. “In the meantime, we’re still working down this process so we don’t have as many delays.”

If everything goes to plan, Robbins said that he’s hopeful to begin construction next spring.