BRAZIL, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Debbie McNinch and JoAnn Wilkerson are business partners who are passionate about two things: God and art.

This common denominator spurned the two to create a photography farm on Wilkerson’s property at White Pine Manor in Brazil, Ind.

A photography farm is an area that provides photographers with sets and backdrops to practice and utilize their skills. McNinch and Wilkerson also provide photographers with resources and mentoring to improve their skills.

McNinch said that this is all in an attempt to restore the art of photography.

“It’s an art that is kind of being lost in the digital age and I’m all about bringing it back,” McNinch said. “Helping the photographers see the vision of taking the photo but actually seeing it on someone’s wall is great.”

McNinch does her own photography work, and uses the sets on the farm alongside other photographers as she mentors them. She said it’s all about building up a community.

“We’re working with them and mentoring and helping them build their business,” McNinch explained. “It’s not about any competition out here, it’s just about community.”

JoAnn Wilkerson, the owner of the property, said she has a great passion for art. This passion is something that she was willing to give up her house for in order to see the photography come to life.

“We sold our home and we went from about 2,400 square feet to an 800 square foot apartment in the front of the building,” Wilkerson stated. “So we took everything that we have so it is that important.”

WIlkerson, a devout Christian, said she believes it is her obligation to help and assist artists to find and utilize their creative abilities.

“This is just part of my heart,” Wilkerson said. “This is a business totally from my soul and God’s connected me with these wonderful artists.”