SULLIVAN, Ind. (WAWV/WTWO) – Sullivan County non-profit celebrated three years of work to help women heal from addictions.

Since 2019, The Ruth House has made it a goal to help women state-wide heal from their addictions and traumas through faith.

The nine-month-long program teaches up to ten residents at a time to quote ‘live life on life’s terms.’ Residents learn how to repair broken relationships with friends and family, learn time management, as well as balance a job.

Executive Director Peggy Carmichael said The Ruth House program has had a recovery rate far above the national average of 23%.

“You really have to tear yourself down to build yourself back up into a better woman,” Carmichel said. “Not only do we help women heal from addictions, but we also help them reunite with their families.”

Ruth House Graduate Honor Resident Christy Montgomery made a call to the recovery center while she was at a very low point in her life.

“I went to jail for six months and in jail, I just decided you know enough was enough,” Montgomery said. “I’ve let my kids down, I’ve let my sister down, and I just knew something had to give.”

This is when Montgomery started her journey at The Ruth House in August of 2021. Her first 30 days in the house were spent focused on self-reflection. She said after the 30 days she learned to balance the recovery classroom programs as well as holding a job.

“It’s rough starting to work after you are sitting for so long or just being in addiction for so long,” Montgomery said. “It’s a big adjustment but it’s very rewarding and worth it.”

Montgomery has since graduated from the nine-month program and has gotten a job promotion. She said she now helps mentor the ladies that are in the very same place she was in less than a year ago.

“Since I’ve come here I’ve gained my relationship back with my kids, my sister, and I have found myself again,” Montgomery said. “I just feel like I’m a new person.”

Carmichael said Montgomery’s recovery is a true testament to the success The Ruth House has seen over the past three years.

If you would like to help support The Ruth House, Carmichael said they always accept donations of any kind.