TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — 61 new electronic vehicle charging stations are coming to various cities across Indiana by 2023.

Construction is anticipated to start this year in Rochester, according to an official with Duke Energy. The project involves Duke and several other utility companies, the funds will come from a settlement with Volkswagen and clean air violations.

Each charging station will be along major interstates, roadways and corridors. They’ll be placed between 30 to 50 miles away from one another for drivers to have charging options.

McKenzie Barbknecht, with Corporate Communications for Duke Energy, said the placement allows for convenient charging while being cost-effective.

“If we’re able to build out that infrastructure and reduce the anxiety of where [drivers] are going to charge during long travel, we know that’s ultimately going to encourage more people to adopt them. That has all kinds of benefits for Hoosiers,” She added.

Duke has made commitments towards electric initiatives for consumers and within the company. More information on that can be found by clicking this link.

“We’re always thinking about the ways we’ll be called upon in the future and meet the electricity needs of our customers in the years to come, ” Barbknecht said. “We know electric cars are becoming more and more popular so we are wanting to be prepared and meet that demand in the future.”

Chayce Anderson, is like many Hoosiers, feeling pain at the pump. He said his 2017 Chevy Camaro, which he named Carmen, requires $75 to fill up, an increase of $20 compared to previous prices.

“If these gas prices were like this when I was buying my car, I probably definitely would’ve bought a Tesla,” Anderson said.

Only a year into owning ‘Carmen’, Anderson is already evaluating his options, enduring current costs or turning to an electric vehicle.

“I would like to see more charging stations, I think electric cars are the future. Once, I get my car paid off it’s something I’ll be looking into,” He added.

In Terre Haute, charging stations are far and few in between. According to Mayor Duke Bennett, that’s due to the low demand in service.

The city is currently looking at installing two charging stations in the parking lot at City Hall. While this plan is still tentative, Bennett adds the Convention Center and other businesses could be potential station sites.

“My guess is that demand will increase over time. We’re going to have to look strategically over time in locations that make sense,” He added.