TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Over $58,000 in community grants were awarded to five Sullivan County non-profit organizations.

The Wabash Valley Community Foundation awarded five grants to help benefit Sullivan County. These grants will be used for things like lake dredging at Sullivan Lake, start-up costs at the City of Sullivan Senior Center, softball diamond fencing, a launch program, and upgrades to a public area in Shelburn.

Twelve thousand dollars was awarded to the town of Shelburn to restore playground equipment and to make their ball diamond more handicap accessible.

Clerk Treasurer of Shelburn Melissa Copeland said she’s excited for new possibilities for Shelburn.

“Our old park in town is kind of destroyed and just old, our of date. So, this is the only area in town where the kids can play. So, I know a lot of the families are trying to bring new families into town. So, them coming in and having somewhere for the kids to play is really good,” Copeland said.

President of Sullivan County Community Foundation Ally Orwig said she’s happy to be apart of it.

“We’re excited to do this work. We are here for the county. We are here for the residents of the county because we are residents of the county. We live here too,” Orwig said.

Shelburn will have their park board meeting November 1 to start designing of these areas. The board hopes to have this finished by March.

The Wabash Valley Community Foundation also serves Vigo and Clay Counties and will be awarding grants in those communities as well. To learn more about donating to the Wabash Valley Community Foundation click here.