INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – As summer starts to come to a close and kids head back to school, you still have a little bit of time to enjoy everything the Indiana State Fair has to offer.

From the smell of cotton candy, to the sound of kids laughing or screaming on rides, and even the interesting aroma from the 4-H animals, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

David Wesler is from Ohio and has been coming to the state fair for more than two decades.

“I especially enjoy the animals, the food, seeing all the rides and stuff. You know, it’s just a great experience,” Wesler said.

Even some of the vendors have been coming to the fair for as long as they can remember.

“I was in 4-H and my kids were in 4-H and we got into that stuff totally on accident. My wife was helping a friend of ours one summer,” Don Morgan, owner of Wild West Soda, said.

Morgan said even after his kids were out of 4-H, he still found his way back to the fair.

“We got an interesting deal on that part. My son finished in 2000 and we started the next year here so there wasn’t any gap. That wasn’t planned, that just happened,” Morgan said.

Morgan isn’t the only one who started out in 4-H as a kid.

12-year-old Rose Chandler has a similar story.

“My papaw was the first person who started it,” Chandler said.

And what does she like best?

“Probably showing and like taking care of the cows and just the experience,” Chandler said.

The state fair contiunes unitl August 20.

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