Local Leaders Push For Inclusive Shelter


Homelessness is an issue that over time is affecting more and more people in Vigo County. 

And while there are shelters in the area that take people in, there are restrictions involved, such as requirement of an ID card for background checks and strict curfews. 

“Every shelter has rules, every single one, so they have a certain time that you have to be in, certain things that you’re expected to do,” said Hamilton Center PATH Outreach Worker Kelli Fuller. 

And while there are services available throughout the community, like soup kitchens or the Loyal Veterans’ Battalion, there is currently no shelter that accepts people without exclusion.

“We need to make some local facility, some government sponsored, however you wanna look at it, some facility to welcome all people in need,” said Vigo County Commissioner Brendan Kearns. 

Discussions are in the works between several local groups for exactly what a heating and cooling center like this would look like, presumably a place open at nights in the winter and in the heat of the day in the summer, with a trained staff there at all times.  

Throughout the conversation, one obstacle continues to arise…

“Funding is the key issue, where does the funding come from, who is gonna fund this, is it something that the city government should take care of, or the county government?” said Mike Egy, Admin Coordinator at Loyal Veteran’s Battalion. 

While the plans are no where near finalized, there is one main message those pushing for an inclusive center share.  

“We have to have compassion for everyone, regardless of what their background is,” said Egy. 

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