With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time for some scary movies.

One of those films hitting the market, was actually filmed and produced right here in the Wabash Valley.

“Lawford County Productions” out of Sumner, Illinois, have been working on their own scary movie for over 7 years. Now the movie is hitting the market on Amazon.

The film titled, “Unlisted Owner” was filmed and produced in the area.

After 4 or 5 years of shooting and editing the movie, the group tried different paths like film festivals hoping to find a licensing deal.

After an event on the west coast, “Lawford County Productions” received a publishing deal.

The movie is currently in the pre ordering stages, where it is gaining quite a bit of attention. Ranking as high as 9th on the Amazon pre-ordering list and in the top 100 all four weeks.

“In this list, we aren’t just competing with just films, we are competing against T.V. Shows. “The Walking Dead Season 7” just came out. “American Horror Story Season 6” just came out so we are competing with competing against those along with “AM Bell Creations” that just came out and “47 Meters Down.” So just to be able to go head to head against those huge titles with our film is pretty amazing.” Jed Brian, Producer / Lawford County Productions

Brian says the success wouldn’t be possible with out the community support.

The group has shown the film 3 times in their local area attracting nearly 100 people each showing

You can preorder the movie on Amazon, the release date is set for November 14.