Some drivers are speaking out about congested traffic lights and problem potholes, most opting to be off camera. 

They’re hoping that this conversation can get change moving in the right direction.

After speaking with the city street department, the question some are forgetting to ask, is who owns the road and where does the responsibility lie? 

We’ve had numerous viewers approach us about problem traffic lights and potholes. 

Today, WTWO went to one of the more frustrating spots in Terre Haute only to find out some rather interesting information. 

“I understand we live in Indiana, but this is an extremely high traffic area,” says Scott May, although he’s not blaming the city for the light issues or the potholes. 

Many people along with Scott May agree with the frustration around this intersection at 56th Drive and US 41, right by the Southside Walmart. 

Trent Sappingfield commented on Rebecca Brumfield’s Facebook post saying “it’s the same issue turning left onto Springhill” and Adam Rust says he “thinks the whole city’s stop lights are messed up.” 

So what has so many drivers upset?

“It would be nice if it did have a flashing yellow and you could turn when there’s no traffic coming,” says May. “I think it would make things safer.” 

May points to an obvious problem, the sign says “left turn yield on flashing yellow arrow” except there is never a flashing yellow option.

“The problem is people are on their lunch break and so they’re in a hurry and they’re frustrated and so people are running the red,” says May. 

When talking to the city engineer’s office, who takes care of the street department, Larry Robbins made a clear distinction. 

“Third street and US 41 through town is a state road,” says Robbins, asst. city engineer. “So they take care of all the maintenance on it, the timing, the signals, the whole kit and kaboodle.” 

May is aware of the ownership of road having done some research and dealt with the issue personally. 

Lights aren’t the only issue drivers are seeing in the area though. 

“The potholes have been bad for a while,” says May. “It’s a beautiful day right now, and I think a couple of guys with a couple of shovels could get it knocked out in an hour.” 

“They’re trying to stay on top of them,” says Robbins. “They’ve put 75 tons of coal patch in already.” 

As cars intentionally swerve to miss these craters, it’s actually not the city’s responsibility, the county’s, or the state’s to fix this heavily damaged street. 

“56th Drive is privately owned according to the beacon that I just looked up,” says Robbins.

May isn’t blaming the city of Terre Haute for these issues, just conveying what some drivers may be feeling. 

The City of Terre Haute has a three digit number you can call to report any traffic related issues, whether that be potholes, un-timed traffic lights, out signals.

That number is 311. 

Even if a place you report is not inside the city, they’ll tell you if it’s the county or the state’s responsibility and point you in the right direction.

Road crews were out working today. 

Robbins says south of the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds is when the county jurisdiction begins, but it’s easy to get confused when everything continues to look the same.