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Super heroes, villains, and comic characters alike gathered in Robinson, Illinois on Saturday for the 2nd annual C4 Comics & Pop Culture Convention.

The event was created just last year by Micheal Kasinger.

“I have spent 20 plus years going to conventions as a fan, and I have also went as a vendor and guest setting up behind the table,” said Michael Kasinger.

Kasinger has added a community aspect to his comic convention.

He is giving back to local art programs in his community.

“I am an artist myself and I hate that schools are taking the art out. So I got a bunch of cool stuff donated and all the money that is raised from that we are going to split up between Richmond, Crawford, and Lawrence county and divide it between the schools art programs,” said Michael Kasinger.

Before Kasinger opened the charitable side of the convention, he started the C4 Comic Con. to help the comic lovers in his community.

“That is why I kind of started this show is to try to keep the costs down, because the prices have just went sky rocketed, and for guys like me who do it basically because we love it,” said Michael Kasinger.

For only $5 guests got to experience two different shows at the same convention.

For people like the Vamrell family who are avid comic con goers and have been vendors at both C4 events, they say it doesn’t matter how big the convention is, it is all in the experience.

“That is the most important thing about cons is engaging in art and to be who you always wanted to be or just to pretend because it stretches from comic books all the way to movies,” said Michel Vamrell, horror novel author and vendor at C4.

The experience is exactly what Micheal Kasinger is investing in.

He says that for him, it has never been about the money.

Michael Kasinger said, “I am not to worried about the money I am just worried about everyone having fun.”

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