Local business owner reacts to proposed tax on e-cigarette liquids

TERRE HAUTE - Indiana residents who smoke e-cigarettes could soon find themselves paying more.


The Indiana State Senate Health Committee advanced a bill that proposes taxing e-cigarette liquids at a rate of four cents per milliliter.


WTWO's Lily Pesavento spoke with Pete Wilson, owner of Smoke n Peace, to find out how the new tax would impact local businesses and consumers.


Businesses who sell e-cigarettes and accessories will have to pay the tax with each order, but in the long run, Wilson expects the tax will hit the consumer the hardest.


“We're gonna pay it on every invoice when we order our products,” Wilson said. “When they come in, the tax will be paid, but it's going to cause the price of the product to go up. It's probably gonna cost, you know, for the average bottle of e-liquid, is probably gonna cost an extra dollar and a quarter.”


Supporters of the bill say it could improve the state's health by encouraging people to quit using e-cigarettes.


“With it being more expensive, and since I am a college student and I have low funds, it would honestly help me to just quit,” area resident Destiny Brown said.


House Bill 1444 was authored by Rep.Tim Brown. If passed, Indiana would join eight states and the District of Columbia who have an excise tax on vapor products.


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