President Trump’s recent decisions regarding immigration have some local advocates worrying that history may be repeating itself.

“For many of us it kind of harkens back to really horrifying spots in our history,” said Theresa Ortega, “Beginning with slavery, continuing on with the Indian territories, going on to Japanese internment.”

Ortega belongs to the Terre Haute branch of Families Belong Together, a national organization protesting the events at the U.S. – Mexico border.

Ortega says the executive order signed Wednesday ending the Trump administration’s policy of separating families neglects to fix the damage already done.

“He rescinded the separation currently,” said Ortega, “But there’s still the issue of the more than 2000 children who have already been separated.”

In response to these recent acts by the administration, Families Belong Together is holding a nation-wide protest on June 30th, and the Terre Haute group is joining in.

Ortega says various organizations are part of the protest planning, and she put an emphasis on the local high schoolers and college students involved.

“This group of students who are involved in these measures right now, you know, they’re going to be voting soon,” said Ortega, “So those things matter to them, and our representatives need to pay attention to them.”

And paying attention is something Ortega says everyone in the Wabash Valley should be doing, even though the nation’s border is more than 1000 miles away.

“I think it’s very important that people remember the beginnings not just of this community, but this nation in general,” said Ortega.

The protest will feature speakers and will provide attendees with information allowing them to contact local representatives as well as info on registering to vote.