Linton Schools Benefit From Mild Winter


Nick Karazsia says “The idea is always trying to get school finished on a certain time because graduation is Memorial Day weekend so this year our make up days are built in on Fridays.”

This winter the Linton-Stockton School Corporation only used one snow day, which they made up on the 8th of April. So for the rest of the month, the schools will only have four day weeks. Obviously that makes the students pretty happy.

Hayden House says “Once everybody gets back from spring break, if you go somewhere on vacation warm it just gets you ready for summer and you just want to be out of school so just having that extra day it feels like a longer weekend.”

Students, teachers and teacher’s aides all get the days off, but for other employees it’s a chance to get some extra work in, like high school secretary Joni Hayden, she’s busy preparing things for graduation.

Joni Hayden says “During the day we have phone calls, door interruptions, students walking in and out if we don’t have those students here we can get caught up on paper work for example graduation, ordering diplomas cap and gowns lots of that kind of stuff so just being able to catch up on stuff we’re behind on.”

Nick Karazsia says “That gives our custodial staff, our maintenance staff the chance to get some things done in the buildings without students being here. Maybe get some waxing done that sort of thing.”

But when you give you have to take from somewhere, having that Friday off can create some issues shrinking 5 days in to 4.

Jonie Hayden says “We are in almost the month of may so obviously seniors need to get scholarship forms turned in they need to get their orders in for anything graduation related, as far as class room goes, you have finals coming up so they’ll have to cramming for finals and such.”

Superintendent Nick Karazsia has faith his staff will make it work.

Nick Karazsia says “The hope is that we still have the 180 days and we’ll be able to do what we have to do, but will it be shrinking that five day plan into four days and will it be a lot more tedious and a lot more work in those four days and something each individual teacher will have to decide but I’m confident in the professionalism we have on our staff and they’re gonna do what’s best for our students.”

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