Like Father Like Son


Jeff Pearce wasn’t always planning on working at the family business, Pearce Funeral Home.

“At first. I told him that I was not gonna be part of this business and I actually left and went to school and got a degree in another field,” said Jeff.

But three months before graduating, he had a change of heart, and came back to the place and the family business he was raised by. 

“This is something he completely grew up in,” said Ed Pearce, Jeff’s father. “And like I said I’ve been doing this for 51 years, my wife and I have never actually had a regular home, we have always lived at the funeral home.”

Ed says there are some important factors that go into working with family.

“You have to have trust in one another,” said Ed. “And it’s not always gonna be a rosy situation, but you have to work your differences out.”

The elder Pearce says he and his son share a sense of humor that allows for those difference to be settled easily and that it doesn’t hurt to have a sense of humor in their line of work.

Ed says having Jeff as a partner keeps him from worrying about the future of the business. 

“It makes me very happy that there’s gonna be somebody here when I’m gone to carry on our family tradition here,” said Ed.

That tradition is one that has extended the family feel of the business beyond father and son to the families they serve. 

“We often feel as if we’re part of their family,” said Ed.

And in the Pearces’ case, as Jeff learned many years ago, family, home, and business are forever intertwined.

“You can go a lot of places and do a lot of things but there’s just something about the back roads of home that you just never can replace,” said Jeff.

Ed has owned Pearce Funeral Home since 1979.

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