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The name Levi Fox sounds like a character in a kid’s book, but it’s the real name of a children’s author from Bridgeport, Illinois.  His stories are fun and interesting, but his personal story is simply amazing.

He recently talked to a group of second graders at Bridgeport Grade School.  They loved hearing about a dog named Barney and a cat named Lexi who get lost in the fictional town of Lawrenceville.

Under the pen name of L.B. Fox, the father of three has written seven books and even scratched the Amazon Top 100 best seller list.  His books are popular and kids take the time to thank him with heartfelt messages and cute drawings.  It’s a dream that’s taken over a dozen years to become a reality.

“I’ve been writing for 13 years, said Levi, I’ve had more success this year than in the 12 years prior because I chose to get out of this house.”

The Barney and Lexi book are based on fact.  The real pets belonged to his grandparents who lived in this house in the real town of Lawrenceville.  In the book, the unlikely pair get lost and struggle to make it back home.  Their story parallels Levi’s life.  Admittedly, at one point, he was lost..and homeless.  But he decided to follow his passion of writing by pushing his fears and doubts aside.

Even his son Ethan wants to follow his dad and become and author.

Each day Levi pursues his literary dreams.  And at night, he cleans a local school to make money.
He also reads motivational books, seeks out successful people and promotes his writing through social media.

Levi says,”i just look in the mirror and I tell myself how bad do you want it and how bad are you
willing to go out there and get it.”

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