Leaving a Mark


Last Wednesday morning ISU student Caleb Gray awoke to a scene he will never forget. 

“It look like someone egged my car at first but once we got closer I could tell they were like paintball pellets that were like on the windows, on the back,” Caleb Gray said.  

In his two years of living on 15th street this is the first time Gray’s truck has been vandalized. 

But he soon learned that this wasn’t an isolated incident.  

Gray’s vehicle was riddled with paintballs three time in less then a week, the paint still visible. 
“There’s some that would get trapped inside the windows and that’s a little bit harder to clean out but luckily we have been getting a little bit of rain every now and then and that’s been helping take care of it on it’s own,” Gray said. 

Sunday night the suspects came back attacking nearby neighbors’ homes, leaving shell casings like this one on the ground. 

“It’s still a really nice neighborhood, it’s just a few people or whoever these individuals are that’s like that’s giving it a bad image which is really sad because there’s just some really nice families in this neighborhood,” Gray said. 

For about a week vandals have been talking aim at objects in neighborhoods, both south and north of Wabash Avenue. 

And over the past few days claims of the shootings have stretched from 14th to 25th street. 

With suspects not only shooting cars and houses, but also hitting people with the paintballs. 

Candice Wilkie lives on 21st street and was attacked Saturday while walking her dog.
She says a gray van pulled up and started shooting. 

“At first I didn’t realize it was a paint gun until I seen the round cylinder part of it,” Candice Wilkie said. “I noticed there was paint all over the side of the van as well. And I say ‘really you are going to keep on shooting’ and then he sped off.”

Wilkie’s say the men in the vehicle fired paintballs for about two minutes. 
She’s thankful her children were inside, and hopes those responsible are caught. 

“They need to use common sense I mean you don’t drive around shooting paint guns, or paint balls or any gun for that matter,” Wilkie said.     

There is no word on how many homes, cars and people have been targeted with paintballs and how much damage the gunmen has caused. 

But residents hope by getting the word out the shooters will turn themselves in. 

We reached out The Terre Haute Police Department and they say this is still on going investigation, and if anyone has any information, they should call THPD.

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