With the topic of LGBT growing in popularity Indiana State found it best to educate everyone in efforts for people to forget their differences and offer an environment of harmony.

Jennifer Miracle-Best is a former director of the LGBT Resource Center at the University of Georgia.
She now travels to universities telling her story educating faculty and staff, and getting the conversation started.

The LGBT community says conversation is the most important first step in getting more rights and getting more people to be more excepting of the transgender community.

“It’s so important because we still have parts of our country where we’re not talking about gender and sexuality.” Maricle-Best added “We aren’t comfortable about it.  We have opposing views about it and whether people like it or not our gender and sexuality  is a natural part of who we are. When you deny that of people you are denying a part of who they are.”

ISU will open a LGBT Center next fall offering resources and a safe place for students to go for conversation on gender and trans sexuality. That center will be located in the student union.