Last Stop Shopping

We may not have big door busting deals this weekend or the hype of opening in the wee hours of the morning, but every year, the weekend before Christmas is known for breaking some previous records.
This weekend is the largest shopping weekend for the entire year. 
Black Friday broke records and caused quite a stir, but the Honey Creek Mall, even on extended hours, was pretty full Sunday. 
Whether you planned on it or not, most of us got caught in the last minute holiday shopping spree. 
“I told him that I wasn’t Christmas shopping this year unless he went with me,” says Sonja Teague. “So I got him up this morning and fed him breakfast. He put on his shirt that explain everything.” 
And whether you wanted to wait for your next paycheck to hit, or needed that perfect gift to finally re-stock, everyone somehow got sucked into the holiday rush. 
“We’re getting some last minute shopping done, trying to beat the rush here today,” says AJ Robinson. “See if we can get some deals, some last minute deals here before the shopping season is over.” 
And for some shoppers today, they’re at the starting line. 
“We are starting our Christmas shopping today,” says Teague. “I have bought one present up ’til now. And we’re hoping to finish today as well.” 
With this weekend being the most shopped holiday weekend, planning when to go was a little tricky. 
“We figured if we get up here early and get our shopping done then maybe we could get out of here before it gets too crazy,” says Robinson. 
And even some had to barter with each other to face the crowds Sunday. 
“He gets to watch the Dallas Cowboys at 8:30 tonight,” says Teague. “I guaranteed him we’ll be home by 8:30 to watch the boys.”
The top ten busiest shopping days this year started on November 25th, Black Friday and the rest of the nine days fall in December. 
Today’s intense cold didn’t seem to hinder shoppers too much. 
We’ve been seeing a steady decrease in the temperatures as polar airs moves into the Valley. 
Staying outside for more than five to ten minute without proper clothing will expose you to the potential for frostbite. 
“It’s pretty cold,” says Baylor Myers. “My face is freezing right now. I can’t feel…just cold that’s really all it is. It’s freezing outside right now. I mean, I don’t have my hat on because, you know, my hair, but I’m going in. I have my gloves on. I’m freezing. But that’s all, I mean, bundle up.” 
The American Red Cross has some tips as well when it gets cold like this.
Some of them are pretty obvious but still worth mentioning.
Be sure to dress in many layers of lightweight clothing, and don’t forget mittens or gloves.
Wear water resistant boots in order to keep your feet warm in snow and ice.
Trickling your water can keep your pipes from freezing.
And be sure to keep your gas tank in your car full.
Another element shoppers faced today wasn’t just the long wait in the check out lines, or the really cold walk from their cars to their shopping destinations. 
Consumers also had to battle traffic. 
At the intersection of US Highway 41 and Davis Drive, it’s always quite a jam.
And when you add hundreds of additional shoppers on last minute gift runs, it gets pretty hairy. 
Traffic should decrease as the night continues. 
However, the mall is open until 10 pm, so be cautious in that area. 

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