Last Minute Rush To The Stores


With just hours to spare, shoppers packed the Honey Creek Mall to put forth their final effort in preparing for the Christmas holiday.

“I took my parents out for Christmas Eve breakfast this morning and we just thought we’d stop by the mall to get some last minute things done,” says Brad Martindale, shopper.

For shoppers like Brad Martindale, most of his gift purchasing is already finished, but the ability to head to the stores on Christmas Eve has allowed him to complete his checklist. “I am 98% done so the other 2% will come today.”

Those buying the gifts aren’t the only ones feeling the impact of last minute shopping, as workers at Honey Creek Mall have also noticed the effects of the late holiday push.

“It’s been really hectic, there’s been a lot of people in here. I could hardly find a spot to park coming into work the other day,” said Dalton Smith, GO! Retail and Calendars worker.

The abundance in shoppers has led workers like Smith to notice a dramatic increase in sales, compared to previous weeks. “Sales were okay, but compared to right now, it’s that time of the year,” says Smith.

Whether you’re purchasing gifts for loved ones or just getting out of the house ahead of the holiday. Many are glad to see that folks in the valley are getting in the Christmas spirit.

“The environment in the mall the last couple weeks has been very good. It reminds of the golden days, people are out shopping,” said Bill Malloy, mall-goer.

Several of the shoppers said that they also enjoy online shopping, but there’s nothing like physically going to the stores around the holidays.

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