Large Load Coming Through


Drivers in several Illinois counties will need to be on the lookout for something they’ve probably never seen on the road before. A large vessel is making its way towards the Marathon Petroleum facility in Robinson and it’s quite an operation to get it to its destination.

“It’s just a big ol’ vessel on a big ol’ semi that’s about all I can make of it,” said Butch Irwin of Mill Shoals, IL.

That big vessel is headed to the Marathon refinery and the three day tour is drawing quite the crowd.

“We will probably never see another load like it in our lifetime so we just come up here to watch it again today and I’m not too sure we won’t be back in Clay City in the morning,” said Irwin.

It may not be much at first, but the behind the scenes work makes the trip quite the spectacle.

“In Fairfield there was probably, gosh I don’t know, 20-25 boom trucks picking up power lines and there on main street they had to undo the stop light and raise em up to get it under it,” said Irwin.

The extra large move is 26 feet wide 306 feet long, 20 feet tall and 898,000 pounds, which is nearly 450 tons, requiring many semis and crews.

“They come in to Fairfield there was one truck behind it  and one pushing it and then I was told between Albion and Fairfield they had to put the third semi on it to get it over the hill. I think they said it’s got 26 axles under it,” said Irwin.

With a load this big, movers have already confronted several issues.

“I know they lay down big thick planks and plank across bridges that’s not capable of all of it. It’s quite a deal,” said Irwin.

Along the route left to travel, crews expect a few more bridges before they can get to Newton. Saturday they plan to start around 7 AM on Route 33, making the final leg of the journey without a stop.

ISP and I-DOT ask for your patience. They will provide updates through social media. Keep in mind, at its fastest speed, the load is only moving 12 to 15 miles an hour.

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