Laboring On Labor Day


For firefighters, holidays often mean another day of heading to the station and responding to calls for duty, but they understand the importance of their job.

“We do many different holidays, not just Labor Day. We do Christmas, 4th of July. While everybody else is out celebrating we’re here making sure that the community is safe.” says Josh Sittler, Honey Creek Fire Dept. 

Every year Labor Day changes for responders and the work load is never the same.

“Sometimes you have a few more incidences. Sometimes it’s a nice, quiet easy day just because there’s more people out.” said Josh Sittler.

Less work for firefighters means that people are being safe on the holidays, and that’s a goal for Josh Sittler. 

“We hope to not have to respond to any of those negative or bad incidences but it does happen,” Sittler.

The crews at Honey Creek Fire Department aren’t the only ones kept busy on holidays. The captain of the Sugar Creek Fire Department, Matt Cox, says nothing slows down emergencies.

“Emergencies don’t stop on holidays. We always have to respond. No matter if it’s day, night, rain or shine” says Captain Matt Cox, Sugar Creek Fire Department.

Cox has worked many holidays in the past but he says that is just part of his job.

“We all have to do a job, we have to be here. We all enjoy it, we don’t do it for the fame or glory,” Cox.

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