Know the Red Flags

The recent murder of an eight-year-old girl has sparked conversation among parents and care-takers via our webpage and social media pages.
In an effort to keep our children in our community safe and our parents informed, we have looked into the red flags surrounding predatory sexual assault. 
Children hold a special place in all our hearts.
And in small towns, like Sullivan, Indiana, and especially where they all congregate to learn and make friends, like here, at the Sullivan Elementary School, children are our future. 
And it’s pure tragedy when something happens to a child in our town, surrounding community, or in areas we are familiar with.
“I firmly believe that the world be a better place without them,” says Andrew Bouy. 
Chills run down your spine when you hear stories about child abductions, assaults, murders and more. 
In the case of 53-year-old Glen Ramey from Olney, Illinois, who has been arrested on charges of first degree murder and predatory sexual assault, the public has been very vocal about the case. 
“It’s pretty sickening in my opinion,” says Bouy. “Like there’s no place in the world for people like that.” 
William Haworth was in court Tuesday morning for six counts of child molestation of two children, both under the age of 14. 
“I think that’s a horrible thing to do because they’re little and they’re defenseless,” says Hola Famuditima. “So to take advantage of a defenseless person you must be a horrible person to do something like that.” 
In such a dark time, parents need to know that there are signs and red flags of certain behaviors, which lead to these tragic outcomes. 
“Especially with the younger ones, their personality will change,” says Brenda Simmons, a retired Indiana State Police trooper. “The bed wetting, those things, be aware of those things. Just be cognoscente of the changes that are happening to your child, because those nonverbal cues are the ones you really have to follow.” 
Some signs even point to expensive clothing, expensive toys and more, all in an effort to hide the truth at home. 
“Nice looking shoes,” says Simmons.”Things like that. They’ll be dressing up because somebody may want them to dress up and do those things. They may be receiving gifts from that perpetrator.”
Now other signs parents, guardians or care takers should look out for for any type of abuse follows: 
Overall Symptoms: 
  • Withdrawals from friends or after school activities
  • Depression, anxiety, frequent absences, rebellious or defiant behavior or even attempts at suicide

Physical Abuse Symptoms: 

  • Unexplained injuries i.e. bruises, burns, cuts, scrapes, fractures
  • Untreated medical or dental issues 

Sexual Abuse Symptoms: 

  • Inappropriate for age i.e. pregnancy, STI’s, blood in underwear 
  • Trouble walking/sitting or abusing other children sexually 

Emotional Symptoms: 

  • Delayed development, loss of self confidence, headaches or stomach aches in certain situations 
  • Avoiding certain situations, desperately seeks affection, decrease in school performance 

Who to call: 

C.O.D.A: 1-800-566-2632

DCS/CPS: 812-234-0100 

Terre Haute Police Department: 812-238-1661

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