Kersey Legislation

Every one of us watching tonight has an opinion about issues like taxes, minimum wage, health care and more. 
And our local legislators work to pass bills that their constituents want. 
Rebecca Brumfield sat down with Representative Clyde Kersey to hear about his agenda.
State Representative Clyde Kersey is pushing for legislation to aid in the progress of Indiana. 
“Well, in 2014, Indiana led the nation in terms of having the lowest voter turn out,” says Kersey. “We have 28%, and so anything that I can do to encourage people to go to the poles and vote, why, that’s what I’m going to try to do.” 
The Terre Haute Democrat has two bills slated for discussion. 
House Bill 1179, which would work to extend voting hours from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on election day and House Bill 1178.
“My bill, 1178, would require the BMV, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, to automatically register anyone who applies for a drivers license, renews a drivers license or applies for an official ID,” says Kersey. “And then, so everybody would be automatically registered to vote.” 
But not only is he working on voting registration and turn out, but he’s also pushing House Bill 1177, which would let those suffering from epileptic seizures to use cannabis oil. 
“There’s some research now going on in terms of using CBD oil to cut back on the number of seizures that epileptic patients have,” says Kersey. 
And some constituents have proven this claim to him first hand. 
“He had actually gone to Colorado and got the legal CBD oil and brought it back,” says Kersey. “It hadn’t ended the seizures but it cut back drastically on the number of them.” 
The democrat has a total of six authored bills and two co-authored bills for this first session of 2017. 
“I’ve talked about the highway funding bill,” says Kersey. “Which is probably the most important bill that’s going to go through the legislature in this session.” 
At the first Vigo County Crackle Barrel of this year, many from Terre Haute showed their disdain and contempt for the proposed casino. 
“And I haven’t decided how I’m going to vote on this yet,” says Kersey. “I want to wait and see the final bill before I make a decision. But the good part is, it’s going to bring a $150,000,000 in construction and economic development for Terre Haute. The other part that concerns me is that casino industry is on the downward trend.” 
All 150 state representatives will have a busy first session. 
They’ll hear about 800 different bills, but will only pass about 150 to the senate. 
The first legislation session will end April 29th
Kersey has represented the 43rd district since 1996. 

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