A Wabash Valley family continues to search for answers. More than four years ago, their 20-year-old daughter Kaylyn Whitaker died on Halloween night under suspicious circumstances. Investigators say she was killed. But no one has been charged.  

Memories of Kaylyn Whitaker are vividly on display in her mother’s home, each day since her death in 2014 has been a struggle. 

“They are very personal to me,” Leslie Roberts said. “Seeing her picture even though she’s not with me, just gives me a reminder that she’s very much around me.”   

It’s been four years since Kaylyn Whitaker was found dead in Connor Scott’s home in Martinsville, Illinois. 

Scott was her boyfriend at the time. 

Initially, it appeared to be suicide. Then an autopsy ruled that her death was undetermined. 

But, 10 months later it was changed to homicide.  

“Obviously they are not telling us something because they are all afraid to press charges,” Dave Whitaker said.   

“We deserve closure, we deserve peace,” Roberts said. “This is a homicide case, it has been since 2015 and nothings being done about it and I am angry, very angry.”  

No charges were ever filed in Kaylyn’s death, leaving her family upset and confused.  

That’s when the family contacted us, hoping to receive answers.   

And for the past few months we have tried to find those answers”. 

We obtained Kaylyn’s death certificate. 

It states homicide was her manner of death 

There’s also a list of evidence the family says, shows Kaylyn was murdered. 

The list includes interviews, forensic testing, photos and a crime scene recreation video. 

Illinois Appellate Prosecutor Ed Parkinson is in charge of the case.  

In a written review of Kaylyn’s case Parkinson said, “It is my opinion that Kaylyn could not have shot herself in the location where the bullet entered her skull. The amended finding as a cause of death as a homicide best fits the situation in this case.” 

Former Vigo County Corner Doctor Roland Kohr, agrees. 

“I’ve looked at hundreds and hundreds of suicidal wounds, more than a hundred homicidal gunshot wounds it is my opinion that this is not a suicide,” Dr. Roland Kohr said.   

In addition, Parkinson told us that former boyfriend Connor Scott has been corporative. 

Parkinson also said the following about Scott and the case.    

“I’m not calling him a suspect because we haven’t filed any charges. He was her fiancé, boyfriend, together at the time and they were together at the time of her death,” Ed Parkinson said. “It is true, from what we can tell that she did die gunshot wound in the company of that person.”  

We tried to contact Connor Scott but have been unable to reach him. 

“She was a good girl, good person, very kind, very loving.” Leslie Roberts said. “Kaylyn’s loved ones continue to seek answers and justice. 

Until that happens, all they have are memories and frustration. 

“She loved her family, she loved her life,” Roberts said. “he did love her life. And to know that it was taken from her is hard to grasp.”  

This story is far from over. Ed Parkinson said, “If any charges are filed, we better be prepared for a trial.” He also said, “We must have sufficient evidence to pursue.” Currently Parkinson is looking to create a second crime scene recreation video. 

Over the past four months WTWO has made several admits to reach out to the Illinois State Prosecutor, Kyle Hudson for comment and have not received a responds. 

This case remains active, so if you have any information in the case please contact Illinois State Police at (217) 347-2711 or the Clark County State’s Attorney’s office at (217) 826-6142.