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The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic, especially during Halloween. But there’s a special showing of the 1970’s movie, and it’s unlike one you have seen before.

“This is the time warp again!” “This is Rocky Horror Live, says Rocky Horror Live Narrator, Laura Reed. “Come and dress up and come and bring their friends,” says Rocky Horror Live, Magenta, Betsy Baer. “Absolutely different than theaters because they get to participate so it’s so much more enjoyable that they get to be part of the show,” continues Reed.

“Right! Put your hands on your hips.” “It’s not rocky horror without the audience,” states Reed. “Let’s do the time warp again!” “It was amazing to see the community theater come down from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and come and do the time warp in front of the light show,” says Boneslawn Creator, Bill Bones. “It’s great, it’s two positives, and it’s gonna be fun for us, so it’s three positives,” says Reed.

“So giving to the 14th and Chestnut Food Pantry and any charity is just a way to help those who might have a little more than others so that way everyone is equal and they can have a great holiday,” continues Bones.

“Drive you insane” “Theater should always have some sort of extra that comes with it, a give back, yeah the whole joy of theater is giving back to the community whether it’s a great performance or to a charity. I mean I think that is part of the reason of being an actor is loving giving back. Absolutely,” concludes Baer.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live is part of the Community Theater’s 90th anniversary celebration. Part of the ticket sales will go to improving and expanding the theater’s parking.

You can catch, The Rocky Horror Show Live at the Community Theater October 28th at 8pm, the 29th 8pm and midnight. And you can donate to Bill Bone’s Food Drive anytime, Boneslawn is near 24th street and Washington Avenue in Terre Haute.

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