The Crossroads of America is venturing into a new path in the business world.

At a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday morning in Washington, IN, Governor Eric Holcomb and other officials celebrated the official opening of M&C Tech Indiana, a manufacturing facility located near I-69 in Daviess County.

The venture has roots overseas and has been in the works for two years. It started when Washington Mayor Joe Wellman invited Japanese executive to expand their businesses to southern Indiana.

The first Japanese joint venture in Daviess County, M&C Tech invested 4.6 million dollars in the 40,000 thousand square feet facility, where the company will produce plastic parts for car makers. 

Governor Holcomb says southern Indiana is the perfect place for investments like this, due to various factors including the area’s room for growth, the placement of I-69, and the second-to-none Hoosier workforce.

“Your ROI, your return on Indiana, is very high,” said Governor Holcomb.

Washington Mayor Joe Wellman says locals have shown a great interest in M&C Tech. 

“Any time you have a new building, with new signage, and you know, new streets and new infrastructure going in and of course employees being hired, people get very excited about that,” said Wellman. 

M&C Tech already has 15 employees on payroll, and is expected to expand that number to 70 workers by 2021.  

Wellman says he hopes the presence of the company starts a trend in the area. 

“My hope is that this develops into other companies, Japanese as well as American firms, looking at our part of the state because we definitely have a good work ethic, we definitely have good people with good values, that want to work hard,” said Wellman. 

Governor Holcomb echoed Wellman’s hopes, and said that not even the sky is the limit when it comes to growth in the Hoosier state. 

“Indiana’s on a roll, Washington, Indiana is on a roll, and it’s days like today that validate that momentum,” said Governor Holcomb.

During the ceremony, Wellman presented a key to the city to M&C Tech President Yasuhiro Ito, calling it a symbol of friendship, commitment, and the opportunites ahead.